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I recently remembered my art archives (art-chives) containing more than a hundred pictures of old material from stories and characters past. It looked a little lonely in the cabinet all by itself, so I thought, "Why not pay it some attention by uploading some of its contents?"

And I have.

Not so lonely anymore. 
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A drab little crab
A purple coconut crab. AND I decided that this crab, whom I have dubbed Mangoes, will be one of my many story-less random characters. In other words, my newest pet. What better way to get a new pet than in lifelike drawings?
Cobalt Town - College Kids

Ginger's three favorite obsessions. Yes, she has a crush on all three of them. She has secret fantasies, too. Of course, though, Ginger keeps quiet about her creepiness, so no one else in her family really catches on to just how into them she is. 

So, these guys are all Business-Finance students at the tip-tops of their class at Jasperburg University. They hate school, and are always complaining about it, despite the fact that they're so smart they only have to study about half as much as their peers do. Everyone likes them, but they don't seem to acknowledge that. Ginger is beside herself with respect, among other feelings, for these guys, but they act aloof.

Whenever they come to the Cobalt Cafe, Ginger gives them a “frequent customer discount” (the discount is not available to other customers for obvious reasons). 

Jasperburg University - The college that these three guys attend. They live in Cobalt Town and commute to school everyday. 

JU is a huge, selective college with worldwide repute, thousands of students, and hundreds of majors.

Wallace Treet (Walls), 21 - A Nouveau-riche, suit-clad Persian who leads the threesome. He is the most over-achieving and career-minded of the group. Although he comes from a low-income family, at only 21, he already wears a Rolex, works at the biggest bank in Jasperburg, and owns his own taxi company. His loud baritone voice can cut through any crowd and commands instant attention from anyone within earshot of him. 

    His main interests are money, money, and MUN-NEE. His goal is to be the head of his own bank, and he is already half way there. He's like Diana Dychingco in how relentlessly he pursues money, but he chooses to do business legitimately, without drugs. 

    Walls is like an "80 year-old mind in a 20 year old body". He dislikes most others of his generation. Of all his peers, he is the most career-minded and professional. Ginger is mad with respect, among other things, for Walls.

Spano D’iatto, 21 - A Jersey-Italian Floatzel, Spano comes from a rich founding family. As a result of his upbringing, he appreciates the finer things in life, such as golf, upscale clothes (“Lucas Verne” brand dress shirt, belt, and shorts), yachts, trips to the beach, and bathing in champagne. Like Walls, he chases money, but with less gusto. He prefers to just complain about how much more spending money he wishes he had (so he could buy his own stuff instead of just go off of his family’s money).

Despite already having a lot of money, he works a part-time job and actually has a pretty solid work ethic at his job and at school. He always seems to be complaining about how much he hates his classes, how much he hates other college kids, and how tired he is. However, he’s no wet blanket; negativity is just part of his sense of humor. It’s fun for him.

Unlike Walls, he’s a bit more of a follower than a leader. Somewhere in between. Maybe has the mindset of a manager.

Max Hoggins, 21 - A middle-class Watchog who is the least impressive of the three (in terms of ambition and looks). Unlike his two paisanos, he dresses in a sweatshirt, eats junk food, and does not care for flashy clothes nor fancy livin’. He works really hard, and has very few hobbies as a result, as most of his time is spent on studying and working. He rents his own apartment and is significantly more broke than his two friends, but he will likely earn a much better living in the future.
Of the threesome, he is the definite follower. He prefers to follow Walls and Spano 
because they seem to know what they're doing. 

He smokes.



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