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Monty Dimaguiba in a onesie :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 11 2 Cobalt Town Cast stage dance :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 2 0 Self portrait :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 0 0 Impromptu Marquis comic :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 0 0 Monty watches a sad movie :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 5 1 Rats :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 2 2 Marcos and Marquis: Now and Then :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 3 3 Cobalt Town- Camembert Baguette page 10 :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 2 1 Ratatouille :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 2 1 Ruben Benker (1995 - ) :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 1 0 Cobalt Town: 'Frequent Customers' :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 6 1 I did it! I took the boots!! :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 4 0 Random sketch dump :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 2 0 A drab little crab :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 5 11 Cobalt Town - College Kids :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 2 1 9 and 5 sketch :iconcornuskousa:CornusKousa 8 0


temple :iconxiaoxinart:xiaoxinart 307 6 orient :iconregnar3712:regnar3712 36 6 Timeless :iconjackburton86:jackburton86 3,501 376 Oriental Oasis :iconjackburton86:jackburton86 28 10 Evening Romance :iconjackburton86:jackburton86 89 35 Burning Bright :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 1,592 235 Twisted Blossom :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 4,119 732 Derbyshire Stone Wall :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 853 117 Moonlight Waters :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 1,305 159 We Can Live Beside The Ocean :iconfunkblast:FunkBlast 34 4 Hitmontop :iconchow-marco:chow-marco 61 24 Roda de capoeira :iconjo-yumegari:Jo-yumegari 161 49
The floor is bare and dusty, hastily swept to clear only the largest of debris. The high ceiling that once arched neatly in the middle now sags between wooden ribs. Although one can imagine it caving in as soon as it gets tired enough, the high ceiling will serve to circulate fresh air to the fanatics who will soon congregate below. Only their energy, harnessed in the form of a fiery, graceful martial art, can transform this old gym. The vehemence of capoeira can impart life and power to whatever it touches. In the meantime, the room sleeps, unused and indifferent.
Then they come, people of diverse shapes and sizes and colours, and all that dull stillness changes. The capoeira class falls into the pattern of warm up movements. The gritty floor scrapes against their calloused feet. After an hour of arduous practice, some stretch, some gulp their water desperately, and some apply athlete's tape to their blistered feet.
The capoeiristas gather, tired but enthusiastic, at one end of the ro
:iconaberamonli:aberamonli 17 11
Sashimi, Tsujiki Fish Market, tokyo Japan :iconheadstrong210:headstrong210 2 4 Chirashi-Don :iconnosugarjustanger:nosugarjustanger 24 52 Tuna and Salmon Sashimi :iconnosugarjustanger:nosugarjustanger 19 60



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United States
So I went out to dinner tonight...
As usual, I put the cloth napkin on my lap.
I got a little bit of curry sauce on my hands, and wiped it off on the napkin... only, it turns out that I was wiping curry sauce off right onto my lap. There was no napkin. 
I even looked on the floor around my feet, around my chair. No napkin.
Now I've got a major orange stain to remove, and a lingering question:

  • Listening to: Mark Knight
  • Eating: fresh coconut


Monty Dimaguiba in a onesie
I've been feeling kinda down and needed a dose of cuteness, so I thought, "why not just draw Monty in a onesie?" So I did. And I almost gave myself a sugar headache drawing this :) 

Also, the Cobalt Town siblings' last name (for everyone except Marquis) is "Dimaguiba". After two years of this comic, I've finally come up with a last name. I'm so friggin' lazy.
Cobalt Town Cast stage dance
I just watched the Pokemon anime episode "Stage Fight", where Pokemon were onstage doing some kind of cancan dance... It inspired me to draw this. Y'know it's weird but this was really easy to draw. It seems almost like the less effort I put into a drawing, the better and faster it turns out.
Self portrait
Waiting for my mom to pick me up from school, I wanted to draw a self portrait. But at the moment I was also thinking about Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, and drew this.
Monty watches a sad movie
I knew it was a bad idea to let him watch one of those dog movies. Now we're gonna have to hear about this for an entire week!


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